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Be Scam Aware - Information Session (in Mandarin)


Be Scam Aware - Information Session (in Mandarin)

提防诈骗 - 英语及普通话资讯讲座 新南威尔士州公平交易将举办提防诈骗资讯讲座,介绍一系列常见的诈骗方式,教您如何识别和保护您和您最爱的人被免金錢损失的最佳方法。


地点:Gordon 图书馆,799 Pacific Highway, Gordon NSW 2072





: 25/02/2019 11:00 - 11:45
Venue : Gordon Library
  • Bookings are required 24 hours before scheduled events for catering purposes
  • Booking fees are not refundable unless the library cancels the event
  • Photographs will be taken at the event, please indicate to staff on the evening if you would prefer not to have your image taken
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